In the wake of COVID-19, we are allowing hospitals to keep the Communicator free of charge following the completion of our free trial period. To request a free trial, please fill out the form below.

Empowering patients with the freedom to speak.

Over 2 million patients annually are unable to communicate due to non-invasive ventilation (NIV).  Ataia Medical is dedicated to introducing innovative technology to allow patients to verbally communicate with their new communication system, SPEAX.


SPEAX can be adhered to the outside of hospital NIV mask without interrupting patients' life saving therapy.


  In a study conducted at Emory, SPEAX improved intelligibility by 190% while improving patient comfort.


Those unable to communicate are 3x more likely to experience a preventable adverse event.

This patented flagship product from Ataia Medical allows NIV patients to verbally communicate with their care team and loved ones. This two part system is comprised of a disposable Patch that can be adhered to the outside of virtually any NIV mask and a reusable Communicator that amplifies the patient's voice through a built in speaker. 

NIV and COVID-19

The treatment of COVID-19 is ever changing; healthcare workers must determine how best to treat their patients while limiting the spread of the virus. As a respiratory disease, COVID-19 causes respiratory failure in many patients. Historically, respiratory failure has been treated with non-invasive ventilation (NIV). While NIV will not be an option for every COVID-19 patient, it may be beneficial for many patients with less severe symptoms while reserving invasive ventilation equipment for the critically ill.

No matter what state of the treatment process your patients are in, Ataia Medical is here to help.

Whether your patients:

  • Received NIV from EMTs and you need to determine if they are high risk for COVID-19
  • You are monitoring a COVID-19 patient on NIV for deterioration
  • A COVID-19 patient is being extubated to NIV

Communication is critical!

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