Noninvasive Ventilation (NIV) use in point-of-care settings.

NIV use has increased markedly in the last two decades, and has become an integral tool in the management of acute and chronic respiratory distress. In many cases, NIV is being used in place of intubation, as long as patients adhere to and comply with the therapy. NIV is administered with a hard plastic mask that covers the patient's nose and mouth. Positive air pressure is then used to keep the patient's airway open and to assist with breathing.


Due to the properties of the hard-plastic mask, patients are unable to communicate vital medical information to their care providers. 

Failure Rates


When a patient fails NIV, they are typically intubated. Intubation increases hospital stays by an average of 8 days. It also increases the cost of stay by an average of $28,000. 

Design Needs

Ataia Medical is currently exploring the design needs for the point-of-care setting. If you work within critical care, ambulatory care, or emergency medical services, we would love to hear from you! Please comment below specific insights and constraints that you believe should be considered as we move forward designing the enclosure for our device.



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